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Ecosystem Sciences provides professional services in environmental sciences, planning and design. Our firm provides unparalleled resources to meet even the most complex environmental challenges, including conserving sensitive natural resources, evaluating environments and impacts, optimizing stressed water resources, managing ecosystem, restoring ecological processes and functions, and integrating sustainability into design.

Our environmental services are provided by a diverse team of environmental planners, scientists, and designers, who offer innovative, balanced, and objective solutions to the complex environmental and social issues of today and tomorrow. Services include watershed and river systems planning and design; environmental planning and assessment; natural resources management; ecological design; cartography; environmental geographic information systems mapping and analysis; sustainable design; visual resource analysis; and data visualization.

Environmental Planning:

  • Watershed planning + analyses
  • Riverine system planning + modeling
  • Geographic information systems
  • Land management + planning
  • Public + stakeholder involvement
  • Recreation planning + analysis
  • Sustainability planning
  • Water resources planning + analysis
  • Water sensitive urban design

Natural Resources

  • Aquatic sciences + fisheries
  • Biological resources
  • Ecosystem + habitat restoration
  • Natural resources conservation + management

Environmental Impact Assessment + Sciences

  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment + sciences
  • Natural resources
  • Permit strategies + acquisition
  • Visual + landscape analyses + simulations
  • Cartography + data visualizations


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